Yes, Mylar Balloons Do End Up In The Ocean!

Ten mylar balloons.

Ten mylar balloons.

August 30th

We went out with an old childhood friend of Gary’s and his daughter.  They only had two days to go fishing, so we were limited to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands.

Started at Anacapa and fished the front side.  Ed caught a yellowtail on the front of Anacapa.    We started seeing a lot of mylar baloons.  We’ve seen a few mylar baloons here and there before, and we snagged them if they come near us and taken them in with our garbage.  I must have counted about five on the front side of the island, and then we went to the back of Anacapa and there were another five.  Later Gary saw something he couldn’t identify so we went closer to look.  We’re always joking that someday we’ll find a bag of money, a bale full of marijuana or ambergris (whale vomit).  It was a clump of ten mylar baloons in a tangled mess.  We had to pick it up.  I hate leaving a mess that big in the water.  We also found a 5 foot wooden dowel in the water which we retrieved, and the prior trip we pulled in a 30 foot antena that was floating on the water.  Hitting something like that with your boat could really do some damage.  It always makes us feel better to get remove a hazard from the water.

We went to  the gap (between Anacapa and Santa Cruz) and went after rock fish.  Didn’t have much luck.  What we did catch was too small to even be tacos.  In the past, rock fish have alway been a sure thing, so it was kind of disappointing to only get a few 6” rockfish.  Later we headed to Santa Cruz.  Anchored near Smugglers.

August 31st

Back to Anacapa for the morning bite.  The bait from Ciscos wasn’t cured and most of it was dead.  We only had a few pieces.  We were going after yellowtail, on the front of Anacapa when we caught a nice sheepshead.  Sheepshead are good eating fish, they sometimes have a bit of a lobster taste to them.  The front of Anacapa isn’t a legal area to catch sheepshead, so we released it.   The seals were all around us, scaring the fish away.   We went back to Santa Cruz looking for yellowtail and more bait.  Eventually we heard reports of marlin jumping in the area.  Tried marlin fishing for an hour or so and then trolled most of the way home.  The water got really rough with white caps all the way from Anacapa to Channel Island Harbor.

Post trip

Gary wanted to go out againg on Friday, but the weather doesn’t look good.  A one day turn around is prety tough to do.  It’s hard to come in, restock the boat and go right back out.  I’m glad to have a few days to be at home and take care of things on shore.

We sometimes use latex baloons for fishing.  They can be used to float a baited hook away from the boat, and it’s a technique we sometimes use.  Ususally we get the baloon back when we fish this way.  The sun and weather will make rubber bands break after a really short time.  If you really want to let baloons go as part of a wedding or life celebration, consider getting latex.  I’ve seen a lot of mylar baloons on beaches and in the water.