Speedboats At Lake Havasu

We were invited to Lake Havasu by a friend from our yacht club.  She just purchased a boat and wanted to take it to her second home.  We thought that we would be helping her learn about the boat and helping to launch it, but it turned out that Lake Havasu City was hosting their Annual Desert Storm Poker Run and Shootout.  The speedboats were truly beautiful and the custom semi’s that pull them were all decked out too.  Some of the boats are so big that the trailer has hydraulics to tilt them so they won’t be too wide for the highway.


This was one of the tilted boat trailers.

This was one of the tilted boat trailers.

The boat's name is Diablo.

The boat’s name is Diablo.

The first day, Thursday, we attended they had a street party where the street was blocked off and the boats were on display.  There were vendors and manufactuers of boat products.

The next day was the Poker Run.  This was fun to watch because they went in groups of about five to seven boats.

During this event they had several helicopters that were following some of the boats, and they use the helicopters to take the speed of the boat.  After the poker run we went over by the London Bridge.
The London Bridge was purchased and moved over to Havasu and reconstructed.  Then they dug out a channel of dirt, making the peninsula into an island.  So there’s a several block length channel called Bridgewater channel where the boats all came parading through.  It wasn’t very wide, and it was super busy.  It was girls in bikinis and fancy boats and people watching at it’s best.  We found a nice picnic table near the water and sat down to watch.  Our friends from the yacht club showed up and we had a group of about ten.  The park had vendors with the typical T-shirts food and beer, so it was more partying.  Later it clouded up again and we left just in time to avoid getting soaked.
Saturday morning we went back near where we had watched the Poker Run.  Because we were in a motorhome we fixed and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast.  We waited for about 90 minutes and finally they started, but they were having the boats go one at a time with the helicopter following them.  Apparently they have a mile to try and reach their top speed.  Someone said some of these boats can hit 150 mph.  Watching the boats go one at a time was a little like watching paint dry.  It’s just not as exciting when you don’t have anything else next to them to help compare the speed.
These boats can go airborne, and there was a crash in 2013.
The results:  2015’s King of the Desert Storm Shootout: 182 MPH — by Win Farnsworth’s boat “Low Altitude”, a 50 ft Mystic C5000R, powered by twin 1850 hp T53 turbine motors.

It was a lot of fun, and if you have a need for speed and love to see beautiful, boats, engines, and women, it makes a great Spring break getaway.