Scouting For Marlin

Gary with my pretty pink pole.

Gary with my pretty pink pole.

August 24

Santa Barbara Island and we’re looking for marlin.  We see a few jumpers on our way here.  The waves side to side as we go south are making me seasick, so I nap for a while.

Because it’s rough we anchor early.  I caught 2 bat rays.  First bat ray did a great leap into the air.  I’ve never seen a bat rat leap before.  He goes into the kelp and wraps the line around the kelp.  With a good fish we would try to wait it out or might even go so far as to pull up anchor and try to move the boat around to get the fish in.  Because this is a bat ray, we just break the line.  An hour later when the next bat ray hit, it didn’t immediately swim off shallow or circle which tends to be a bat ray tactic.  I was really excited, thinking there had to be something big and good to keep on the line.  When it went into the kelp Gary took over.   Below is the video of Gary pulling in my bat ray.

August 25

We started out to troll again for marlin.  The water was rough, so we went back in toward Santa Barbara and went after yellowtail and halibut.  By 10:00 and no luck with that we decided to go back out.  The water wasn’t as bad as earlier, but it still wasn’t great.  We didn’t have any hookups.  We heard on the radio that there had been 4 hookups.

Windy, rough and seasick.  Gary doesn’t get seasick.  I use dramamine the first day out and usually after that I’m pretty good.  I also have sea bands which are little wrist bands that have a bump on them.  They work by pressing on a pressure point on your wrists.  I use them anytime I feel seasick and they seem to help.  They can also be used by pregnant women to help with nausea.  Mine are purple ones, but men seem to like them too, and I’ll share if I don’t need them myself.

Went back to the island around 5 pm.  Radio chatter said that they were getting tuna about 20 miles farther south (3 hours for us).  We decided that we would go there tomorrow.

We barbequed hamburgers for dinner.  It’s the first time that we’ve used the barbequer, even though we’ve had it for several years.  Last time out, we tried to use it, but our Coleman tanks were empty.  It worked well and the hamburgers were good.

Caught some bait for tomorrow.

August 26

Went down south, but we didn’t see any tuna action like we had hoped for.    We trolled on the way there and then again on the way back.  We had one hit.  Tried a lot of different lures.

The ocean was much smoother and warmer.  The sun came out; something that didn’t happen yesterday.

We’re going to BBQ again tonight.  Gary said to marinate the chicken, so I put orange marmelade and the juice from the jalapeno jar on the chicken.  We’ll see how that turns out.

At anchor at Santa Barbara.   Lots of boats in the anchorage tonight, because there’s a tournement going on.  They are with the Tuna Club from New Port.  We’ve been at this anchorage several times before and only saw a few other boats.  Tonight there’s 16 boats.

I put out my Barbie fishing pole with an almost dead mackerlel on it.  When I finally pulled it up several hours later it was still alive.  I decided to let it go.  A second after I freed it, a seal emerged out of the water and ate it.  I didn’t see the seal until it broke the water surface so I was suprised by it.  When I swish the net in the baitwell looking for live bait for my hook I always ask “who wants to go fishing?”  It seems like when you want a live fish you can’t get one, and when you go after a dead one, you can’t keep them out of the net.  Some fish seem to find a way to escape.  I’ve had bait fish that I’ve put in the bait well and they jumped right out within a second.  I’ve had fish flip as I try to put them on the hook and go into the water.  Lots of hooks through the nose, but the fish fell off as soon as I try to put my line down.  Put the hook too deep and you kill them, too shallow and it falls off.  Fate favors those who believe good things will happen to them.   All may seem doomed, but there is a way out.

August 27

Last day for this trip.  We’re going to do some trolling for marlin before we head home.  I’m sure that we will troll most of the way home.  Chatter on the radio has people from the tournament with four tag and releases for the day.  Hopefully this is the day we pull one in.  Derick pulled in the marlin last trip out, so the plan is that I will get to bring this one in.  Feeling excited and hopefull.

Post trip

Well I didn’t get my marlin this trip out.  It’s a little disappointing but I’m feeling more comfortable with the rods and reels which are bigger than the rods and reels we use for halibut and yellowtail.  Scouting where the fish are.  We still have several weeks until the tournament.  We’re getting better at the team work required to win.