New Years Resolution – Be Selfish.

Make this the year to be more selfish.  I’m not saying spend all the money on yourself, or eat the whole pie yourself.  I’m saying think enough about yourself to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy.   If you aren’t healthy, can you take care of others?  If you aren’t happy, do you smile at others, or do you snap?   It’s like the airlines say, first put your mask on yourself, then take care of others.  Be happy first, then spread it to others.  You can’t give something away, unless you first have it to give.

How much did you think about what makes you happy this last year?  How much time did you spend  doing things that bring you happiness?  You are worthy enough to be happy and put being happy high on your priority list.

Last year I said this would be the best year ever, and I must say, it’s been a great year.  I started this year with a goal of just being happy.  For me that means not dwelling on negative stuff.  I’d start my day enjoying coffee and reading on the internet.  After that it was time for me to exercise and listen to uplifting motivational speeches.  I’m happy to say it takes a lot of time for me to take care of me.

Make a goal to be happy this year.  If you set goals, make your first few goals easy so that you can get some positive momentum and feel good about yourself.  Things come up, so give yourself some “days off” or “wiggle room.”  Losing weight or being more physically fit is a lifestyle changes.  You can’t think of it as a diet, or when you finish the diet, you’ll go back to where you were.

Most of us do good with our goal for a few weeks and then some emergency comes up so you really can’t do that daily “goal”?  You go on vacation, you get sick, it doesn’t really matter what causes the break, we break our streak and we think all is lost.  Or sometimes we actually reach our goal, like hitting the weight you wanted to reach or finishing a class.  Suddenly it’s the end of the journey and you just stop.  When I’m out on the water, I can’t do my  normal at home exercise routine, so I just come back to it when I get home.  If I need to go back to an easier workout and build back up, that’s fine, I’ll get there.  When I started riding the stationary bike after breaking my foot, my leg was killing me after 45 seconds.  It wasn’t a race, it wasn’t about anyone else, it was just about me getting back to being me.

With a vacation, everyone understands that it’s not about where you end up.  A vacation starts at home and it ends at home.  If it was just about getting there, then there would be no reason to go.  But a vacation is all about the journey and what you’ll experience along the way.  In the end you set a goal thinking that achieving it will make you happier.

Above all don’t measure yourself against anyone else.  It’s never about anyone else or what anyone else can do or what they have.  This is all about you!  So here’s some New Year’s suggestions just in case you can’t think of anything for yourself.

10 New Year’s resolutions.

  1. Be happier.
  2. Invite more friends to go fishing.
  3. Catch a new personal best.
  4. Learn a new way to cook fish.
  5. Fish in a different country or at a different island.
  6. Eat fish three times a week
  7. Go fishing more than last year.
  8. Find more peace
  9. Learn something new, read more.
  10. Spread the joy to someone else.

This is going to be my best year ever!  Have a Joy Sea Life!  You deserve it!!!