My Biggest Fish Ever!!!

237 lb. Yellowfin Tuna

My dad always had this joke where he would ask people what was the biggest fish they had ever caught? Then he’d tell them that he was fishing at Strawberry Lake once and thought he had a big fish on his line. When he pulled it up it turned out that it wasn’t a fish, but a Coleman lantern. “And you know, that lantern was still lit? Now if you’ll cut a few pounds off of your fish, I’ll blow out my lantern!”

I can’t wait to send my dad the picture of my biggest fish ever. He doesn’t use the internet, but I printed it out and I’m sending it to him Monday morning. I don’t think he’ll be asking me to cut a few pounds off of it. My dad has never been one to freely hand out compliments, but I know he’ll be dragging that picture all over the neighborhood getting anyone who will stop and listen to look at it. After pulling in that fish, I kept thinking this is something my dad never did and he really should have.  If you’re big into fishing, put it on your bucket list and go. We’re already planning next years trip, and I feel like I can’t stop grinning. It was fantastic.

I wanted to put a plug in for the boat. We went on the Apollo (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico), so I googled the boat and saw this two minute teaser video I thought might be good.  I watched the video and at the end, I realized that it’s a video of my husband Gary, on the trip last year. First time I’ve seen the video.

More stories to come…  I’ve got work on my video!  Busy week ahead getting the Joy Sea ready for Channel Islands Yacht Club’s Opening Day next Sunday.  Life is good.