I Know Where Tacos Live

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I caught a little calico bass, I called him Tacos.  He’s not the first Tacos and he won’t be the last.



chopped tomato

chopped onion

Chopped cilantro

Chopped green cabbage

Pace picante sauce

Garnish with jalapeno ranch dressing and/or Pace picante sauce

small flour tortillas


flour with salt and pepper to taste

Panko Japanese bread crumbs


1 Tablespoon milk per egg



salt & pepper to taste

lime juice

garlic powder

Pace picante sauce

Cut fish, dry it on paper towels, dip it in egg and milk and then flour it.  Re-dip in egg and milk dip and then bread it with Panko bread crumbs.  Cook in peanut oil 1/8 to 1/4” deep in fry pan.  Takes about 4 minutes per side.

I like to put all the chopped stuff out on the counter and let everyone build their own taco.fish tacos

After Tacos I was doing the dishes when Gary said I had another fish on.  He didn’t sound excited so I thought it must be pretty small.  It turned out to be a white sea bass (WSB), not really big (15 lbs), and it didn’t fight very hard.  We’re calling him Fuel.  Maybe after a few more we’ll call them Profit, but I doubt it.  Ok, it’s been 20 minutes and Fuel 2 showed up (WSB 20 lbs).

Another boat came up, saw us catch a fish and stayed the night.  Next morning Gary woke me to a fish on the line.  We’ve done well here.  We have 8 WSB and 1 Yellowtail.  A squid boat showed up and went past us a dozen times.  We got the feeling that they were waiting for us to leave.  We’re doing well on this spot and decided to stay another day.  They finally anchored near us, and went to sleep for the day (because they work all night).  More squid boats showed up during the day, and several more boats saw us catch fish and stayed.  There’s about 16 boats all in this area now.

Our final count was 11 WSB and 1 YT.  We had to go home because we ran out of ice.  We would get to Profit, but we have to buy a Yeti.