Fishing with Kiddie Poles (Spongebob, Taz, Snoopy & Barbie)

Kiddie Poles

I was inspired by Avery’s Barbie fishing video to try it out.  I went to eBay and found  four awesome fishing poles.  I’ll be going out with Snoopy, the Tasmanian Devil, Spongebob Squarepants and Barbie.  As you can imagine, I’m really excited.  But first things first, I’ll be checking my equipment and changing the fishing line.  I cleaned out the Spongebob reel and the Barbie reel.  Took off the old line and replaced it with 20 lb. mono.

Comparison of my pink Avet reel with Spongebob reel.

Comparison of my pink Avet reel with Spongebob reel.

Snoopy is manufactured by zebec and is from1982.  He doesn’t seem to have any drag setting, so if something big hits, it’s going to snap the line.

Taz is manufactured by Shakespeare and is from 1998 and has a drag adjustment, so we will see.

Spongebob is a Macom International from 2002 with a star drag adjustment.  It seems to have a Zebco reel and looks the same as other Zebco reels on youtube.

Barbie is another Shakespeare with a drag adjustment, but like a true girl, she’s not telling how old she is.

Kiddie Poles 2

Gary wants me to see how those poles work before “wasting” line on the other two poles.  I’ll admit that I don’t think Snoopy is very competent with no drag setting.

So it looks like I’m ready to go out.  My foot is cleared from physical therapy and Gary’s shoulder is on the mend.  We can’t wait to go.  I’m sure Barbie can beat Spongebob, but can we beat Avery? Screen Shot 2016-03-05 at 11.43.03 AM