Fishing With Family

Mitch's Halibut at Santa Rosa

Mitch’s Halibut at Santa Rosa

August 1

Fishing with family. Our step son and his wife (Mitch and Brook) have come out to visit us. We started at Santa Cruz Island. Yesterday there was a report of a charter boat that got limits of yellow tail. Today wasn’t a repeat of that. We saw them, and they weren’t doing as well today. We got a few barracuda, which we tossed; a sculpin, which we tossed. Sculpin are beautiful fish and good to eat, but their barbs are poisonous, and we just didn’t want to deal with it. I finally caught a nice sized yellowtail about 10 lbs. It fought a good fight.

We moved on to Santa Rosa, Mitch caught a shark, and we lost a few big ones. The current was strong and we had wind. We had to anchor early. Current was too strong to try and find squid.

It’s after dinner now and we’re seeing the squid boats show up. That’s nice, because in the morning we’ll know where to go to find squid.

August 2

It was a rough night, we rocked and rolled. The wind is actually better for us it keeps us straight into the surf. Without at least a little wind we rock back and forth as the surf comes in. Gary got up at 5 am, as always. That’s my time to move to the middle of a double bed. I didn’t get up until I heard the pole go off. Gary came in a grabbed the “fish educator.” The ‘fish educator” is really only needed for the halibut. They come up from the bottom like a barn door, and they don’t fight until they see the boat. They go crazy when you put them on the deck and the thrashing can be dangerous.

I put my pants, hoodie and socks on, and grabbed my shoes. First thing in the morning my foot is still really stiff, and I hobbled to the door and looked out. A few seconds later, Mitch says, “look how close we are to the crab traps!” The traps were literally about 20 feet away from the boat. Mitch and Gary had landed the halibut that Mitch caught, but Brook was fighting another one. When I saw how close we were to the traps, I forgot about putting my shoes on and went out to reel up lines. I reeled as fast as I could but it was just a minute until the line was stuck in the crab trap, then the next. In all about 5 lines ended up stuck. Brook lost the halibut she was fighting as it got around the trap and was able to break the line.

We fished for several more hours with no luck. The wind came up and the current was strong. We anchored and fished, moved several times, but still no luck.

Gary's Fish Educator

Gary’s Fish Educator

August 3

I got up near 7 am because I hear Gary had a fish on. He brought in a nice halibut. We really want Brook to catch a halibut, so we start giving her the pole overtime there’s something on. Around 9 am, we get too close to the crab trap again. We start pulling up all of the lines so that we can move. I get to my last pole (pink pole) and it feels like it’s snagged the bottom. It doesn’t take me long to realize that there’s something nice at the end of the pole. I pulled up a halibut. We’ve had something else on the line since then, but it pulled the hook when Brook tried to pull it in.

DSCF0692Forecast was for heavier winds this afternoon. After lunch we decide to move to another part of the island.

We left Santa Rosa and spent the night at Santa Cruz.

August 4
Brook caught a nice yellow tail at Anacapa and it was back home. We had a great trip; lots of fun hanging with family.