Fishing With Billionaires

My Fifty Shades Of Grey

My Fifty Shades Of Grey

I went fishing billionaires this last weekend, well not literally, I took along two books about billionaires.  The first was Sam Walton Made In America, a book I bought, and the other was Fifty Shades Of Grey, which was given to me by a friend.  So beyond the two books being about billionaires….

Sam Walton seemed to be a real down to earth hard working guy.  He got where he did by putting in long hours, being frugal, taking risks and taking care of the customer.  His thriftiness reminds me a lot of my dad and the way that I grew up.  He liked hunting birds, fishing and flying airplanes.  Flying was something he did mostly to help him manage his business.  He wrote the book at the end of his life when he had bone cancer.  He spends a small amount of time reflecting on his life and what he would do different if he could do it over again.  Would he spend less time working?  Turns out that he’d do it all pretty much the same.  He had a great time building Walmart, and he was happy with his life and what he created.

So then there’s 50 Shades Of Grey which is fictional and I haven’t quite finished the book.  I think we all dream of being able to have whatever we want, whenever we want.  Christian Grey the main character is a little strange to say the least.  At 27 he’s a self made man after having come from an abusive childhood with a crackhead mother.  The story seems a little unlikely, the first few years of life are so important for helping develop social skills and brain connections necessary for the success of a billion dollar business.  Let’s be real now, no one is reading this book for business tips.

We went out looking to catch halibut, and had plans to put traps out for lobsters.  Gary and Derrick had a good fishing trip the last time that they were out with 7 halibut caught between them.  This trip was just Gary and I, and we couldn’t find the halibut.  Derrick took his own boat out and didn’t have luck with the halibut either, but he did get one yellowtail.

After not catching halibut for a few days we went and caught some ling cod, which we limited out on, with three each.  We also caught some other rock fish.  We put out the lobster traps on two different nights.  The first night we were mostly near kelp.  There were a lot of other traps out in the near area.  Gary picked Derrick up from his boat and they went out and set the traps.  They let them soak for two hours in the dark and then picked them up.  No lobsters, but we got  a couple of crabs.  The dingy had water leaking into it, so Gary took Derrick back to his boat.  I had to pump the water out of the dingy, but it was still so heavy when we pulled it up on the swim step, it started pulling the mounts out of the swim step and cracked part of the teak.

Gary had made plans to see another yacht club member while we were out (Dan), and then an additional club member brought his boat out (Marty), so we ended up with 4 boats out there, which for us means – – Party!!!

Marty has a big beautiful yacht (formerly owned by movie stars) and we ate dinner there a couple of nights.  Everyone tends to bring food and we always have a good time.  We used our friends dingy and set the traps again, this time in more rocky areas; still no lobsters.  One of the traps was set too close to the rocks and then the surge moved it in even closer to the rocky shore.  They were unable to safely pick it up and after two attempts decided to leave it.

So another fishing trip is over.  In terms of fishing we weren’t all that successful.  We certainly aren’t making a living at this.  I’m reminded of another yacht club outing a few years ago, where someone suddenly asked “I wonder what the rich are doing today?”  She said it was a question her dad liked to ask.  He said you always knew what the poor were doing, because they had to get up and go to work, but the rich could be doing anything.  I’ve known people who didn’t make a lot of money who found a way to do what they wanted.  I once met a guy who worked at a ski lodge as a dishwasher because he and his wife were ski bums all day and then worked in the restaurant at night.  There’s lots of ways to live an extraordinary life, but at the end hopefully you look back and say you’d be willing to do it all again.