Fishermen’s Tales Of Crazy Bait That Worked

1)  Ran out of bait while fishing for bluegill. Used some chewed peppermint bubble gum. Caught a 2lb largemouth on it.

2)  I was flicking Romaine lettuce off my sandwich . And as soon as it drifted 20 feet or so from my boat. A fish would boil on it. So I put on a treble hook and threw some lettuce on the hook and let it drift away from my boat. I was at the northern tip of Anacapa Island off the Ventura county coast.  Sure enough …at about 20 feet from my boat the fish boiled on it and swallowed it. It was a nice size Cabazon. Fish and Game checked my boat later and said the fish was about 30 years old based on its size.

3)  A bit of hot dog. My very first catch when I was a kid.

4)  Unopened Busch (can) of beer that a gag ate, not jewfish…crazy.

5)  Double bubble bubble gum. Redfish were on fire, I believe they would have ate just the hook.

6)  Foot long 2 inch wide red ribbon when I ran out of bait and the redfish were still biting.

7) Lamb chop while camping to catch a fresh water eel.

8)  Cigarette butts. Caught a few bass with them.

9)  A whole sparrow.

10)  KFC chicken bones- for rock cod.

11)  Banana peel.

You can only lose by not taking action.  No experiment is a failure, eliminating what the fish won’t bite, will lead you closer to what they will.      Add your own crazy bait story in the comments.