F Words For Friends And Followers



How many Facebook entries have you seen that say don’t scroll by without saying amen.  You probably know it’s for just for ratings, but that Jesus connection works, and here you are.  I started my blog joysealife with fishing, fun food and film (ok it’s really video, no one uses film anymore, but it starts with a F).  I’ve also realized that I need focus, faith and followers.  Jesus was a fisherman, and it takes faith to go out on the water, bait your hook, and wait for a bite.  It takes faith to ask for followers.   In the movie Field Of Dreams there’s the line “if you build it he will come.”  I guess joysealife is kind of like that, I’m building it and writing, and hoping that people will come and enjoy it.  There does come a point where I feel like I’m writing for an audience of one or two people.

So what’s my message?  A lot of my focus has been finding freedom from fear.  We fear ridicule when we put ourselves and our opinion out there.  I’m telling you right now, I’m not a great author, and I can’t spell.  Every time I’m on the boat I have at least one experience that makes me at least a little fearful, but facing it makes me mentally tougher.

Fishing can be slow or frantic.  When it’s slow, I read a good and try to find a message that helps my life; I try to learn from the mistakes or the insights of others.   I read both fiction and non-fiction, every book has at least one good quote or idea and I like sharing some of that.

The food focus is fish recipes or food for when we’re out fishing.  Cooking on a boat always involves a little creativity to cook, and then there’s issues with having a little fridge and trying to keep it fresh.  I try to film amusing little nature clips, and of course, a fine fishing feat.  There’s always something beautiful, a sunset, seals, dolphins, Nature is amazing and you never know what the surprise will be.

My husband Gary and I have been commercial rod and reel fishing this last year.  We’re basically retired, but we’re hoping fish sales will pay for fuel.  It’s tough telling people that you’re a bum.  I opened a bank account and they asked me what I did.  I said, “I’m a bum.”  Later when I looked at the paper work, I saw they wrote down “housewife.”  Now I can say I’m a commercial fishing woman and a blogger; but there’s nothing wrong with being a housewife or a bum.  So you’ve read all this way, and I haven’t even introduced myself.  I’m Joyce, which is why our boat is named Joy Sea, and the reason for the blog name joysealife.

If you look at my website now, it’s not great yet.  But it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey.  I’m learning about websites, cameras, movie editing, marketing, food, fun and fish, and it’s changing my focus from fear to fulfillment.  Facebook tells me I’m close to five-hundred likes.   Someday, I’m going to have a million followers.  When that day comes, I’m hoping to have some cash-flow.

So if you feel this could be a fun format for you or your friends please feel free to follow and share or just comment amen, like, subscribe.…  heck write me a note.  I don’t have a lot of fans yet and chances are pretty good I’ll write you back.

P.S.  Don’t make me post my This Kid Meme.  this-kid