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I Know Where Tacos Live

I caught a little calico bass, I called him Tacos.  He’s not the first Tacos and he won’t be the last. Tacos Ingredients chopped tomato chopped onion Chopped cilantro Chopped green cabbage Pace picante sauce Garnish with jalapeno ranch dressing

Salad On The Boat

I swear I always gain weight on the boat. I blame it on eating a little more to keep from being seasick, but hey truth is, I just don’t do my normal exercise routine when I’m on the boat, and

Fish Chowder Is Like Getting Something For Nothing

Fish chowder is one of my favorite soups.  It always appeals to my frugal side because I make it out of parts of the fish that most people throw away.  I like to use halibut or white sea bass for