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The Hardest Job I’ll Ever Love

Not every job puts you in the position to look at sunsets, watch the sea lions and whales play, enjoy a drink, listen to your favorite tunes and have the occasional heart pounding excitement of a double or triple hookup;

Fishing With Billionaires

I went fishing billionaires this last weekend, well not literally, I took along two books about billionaires.  The first was Sam Walton Made In America, a book I bought, and the other was Fifty Shades Of Grey, which was given

Love What You Do

Magic 8 Ball

Fishing Memes_01

Yes, Mylar Balloons Do End Up In The Ocean!

August 30th We went out with an old childhood friend of Gary’s and his daughter.  They only had two days to go fishing, so we were limited to Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands. Started at Anacapa and fished the front

Scouting For Marlin

August 24 Santa Barbara Island and we’re looking for marlin.  We see a few jumpers on our way here.  The waves side to side as we go south are making me seasick, so I nap for a while. Because it’s

Fish Netters

  August 17 Beautiful morning to be back out on the water, we’re up early, leaving our house by 5:30 am.  We stop at Ciscos for bait.  It’s not cured.  Cured bait is bait that they’ve had for a while. 

Marlin Fishing On The Joy Sea

Aug 8th We decided to go to Santa Barbara Island to fish. Islands up north are going to be too windy. Did some trolling along the way. No luck at that. Gary saw a marlin that did some nice jumps

Fishing With Family

August 1 Fishing with family. Our step son and his wife (Mitch and Brook) have come out to visit us. We started at Santa Cruz Island. Yesterday there was a report of a charter boat that got limits of yellow