Another Dolphin Award

Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

July 23rd

Gary and I left for another fishing trip. Stayed the first day at Santa Cruz island because of high winds expected out at Santa Rosa.

I caught a calico bass and a small yellow tail on a Shimano flat fall jig. It’s the first time I’ve caught a salt water fish using a jig. It was also a new reel. Breaking things in and having new firsts.

Gary and I are trying to set up some mounted cameras because one of us has to gaff the fish, so that doesn’t really leave anyone to film. Tried a dash cam I have for my car, didn’t get the greatest pictures.

We agreed to have Rick and Deborah tag along with their sailboat, they met up with us at Yellow Banks (Santa Cruz Island). Left at 5:30 am to go to Santa Rosa Island, they said they would get up later and met us. Now we’ve come out to the spot that was good last week, but the squid have moved on. We have to have squid to catch the fish we want. We see some squid boats a mile or so away. We’ll go there and gig some squid.
The squid were hard to get. Last time out the squid were everywhere. This time we spent 2 hours and only got about 20. When you put 6 to 8 poles out at a time, you can go through 20 squid really fast.
We really didn’t catch anything good today. I caught a shark, and we let it go. A friend of ours was in his boat near us. We watched him pull up a bat ray. You don’t want to be a bat ray caught on his boat. He clubbed it to death.
The motor on the anchor has been running a bit slow. Wondering if it will make it the whole time we’re out here. We have a spare motor. Gary thinks it might be the electrical cables. I don’t see how that would affect the speed. Hauling the anchor and chain up by hand would really suck.

The electrical connection to the motor is looking really corroded. It’s creating too much resistance and the insulation around the connection is starting to melt. We put out a call to our friend to see if he has the correct connector. All the spare parts we have, and we don’t have that one. He has something, so we motor over to his boat to check it out. Gary just made a new net for getting bait from boat to boat. It uses a 10’ bamboo pole. We use the net to pass the parts from boat to boat. The part isn’t the right size. Gary tells him over the radio that it won’t work. A minute later someone else hails us over the radio. He says he has the part we’re looking for. We found him, got the part, and repaired the motor.

We caught 3 small rockfish that all deserve to be called Taco.

We went over to Rick and Deborah’s boat to share Rick’s birthday with him. Rick came over in his dingy to pick us up. The wind was fairly strong, and the waves were a little tough for getting into a dingy. I got in first with Rick and then Gary tried to get in.  Gary put his foot on the front of the dingy and tried to step in. I could quickly see that it wasn’t going well, and as before, yes, this has happened before, I tried to grab Gary and pull him in. All it did was serve to pull me out of the boat as Gary went out. Gary swam to our boat right away. The wind quickly moved the dingy away from our boat. I grabbed onto the dingy, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to swim back to the boat or get myself up in the dingy. Luckily Rick stayed in the dingy (unlike the last time Gary did this to us.) I told Rick to just motor back to our boat and I would hang on the front. I saw the dingy line in the water and I tried to wrap the line up around my hand to keep it from getting caught in the prop. Rick was in the back, and couldn’t see me in the front. I tried to tell him, but I was having a hard enough time trying to hold on with one hand and keep my head above water. We made it almost back to the boat when the line wrapped in the prop and stopped. Luckily we were close enough that Gary was able to grab the dingy. I had a hard time unwrapping the line from my hand, but got it out and climbed onto the Joy Sea swim step. The line was only wrapped a few times around the prop and Rick was able to get it free. As an after thought I can see how dangerous it was and how lucky we were that it turned out ok.  Rick says he will shorten the line so it can’t reach the motor.

In the future, I will wait for Gary to get into the dingy and then I will get in. Hopefully Gary has learned to sit down and get into the boat. Regardless, I will not be going into the water if I get in second. Sometimes when we go to other boats, we don’t wear life jackets. Gary wasn’t wearing one. I put one on, but didn’t do up the straps. Still I was thankful that I was wearing it, and it did help me stay up.

Going in the water like this is called a dolphin award. Can’t say I’m proud to have racked up another one.

We took quick showers and went over to Rick and Deborah’s and had Lamb for dinner. It was delicious.

July 26th

One of Gary's Birthday catches.

One of Gary’s Birthday catches.

Today is Gary’s birthday. Yup, it was Rick’s yesterday and today is Gary’s. Gary has caught two halibut so far. Before we caught the halibut we caught a bat ray. We had seven poles out, and it tangled almost all of them. It took an hour to get the last of them untangled. It’s getting late and we don’t have much more time left to fish for today.

Bat ray tangles all the lines. :(

Bat ray tangles all the lines. 🙁

Dinner tonight will be on our boat. We’re having yellow tail in a cream and butter sauce with fresh dill, a salad, rice, broccoli and squash. I forgot to bring my salad dressing on the boat but I’ve made some with the stuff bottled jalapeno slices come in for the vinegar, olive oil, garlic powder, Italian seasonings, salt, pepper, lime juice & sugar. It tastes pretty good. Has some heat at the end from the jalapeno juice.

July 27th

Have no idea what it is, but Gary caught it, we called it Vagina.

Have no idea what it is, but Gary caught it, we called it Vagina.

Going home today. It takes 5 – 6 hours so we quit fishing at 8:30 and headed in. Cooking at the yacht club tonight.