Year: 2017

Tuna Burgers

  We made these tuna burgers  for dinner a few days ago. They were really good, and we’ll try them again with a few variations. When I first bit into it the dill flavor hit me. They were really juicy, and

Cow Tuna Fishing in Puerto Vallarta

Part of why the trip to Puerto Vallarta was so fun is because I already knew most of the people on the boat.  Gary chartered the Apollo for our trip, so he was the one getting the group together.  We

My Biggest Fish Ever!!!

My dad always had this joke where he would ask people what was the biggest fish they had ever caught? Then he’d tell them that he was fishing at Strawberry Lake once and thought he had a big fish on

Fishing In St Thomas

What a bum I am.  I haven’t posted in so long, and I must admit I’ve pretty lazy when it comes to writing.  We worked hard at the end of December and early January getting the bottoms of the boats

Fishermen’s Tales Of Crazy Bait That Worked

1)  Ran out of bait while fishing for bluegill. Used some chewed peppermint bubble gum. Caught a 2lb largemouth on it. 2)  I was flicking Romaine lettuce off my sandwich . And as soon as it drifted 20 feet or