Year: 2016

New Years Resolution – Be Selfish.

Make this the year to be more selfish.  I’m not saying spend all the money on yourself, or eat the whole pie yourself.  I’m saying think enough about yourself to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy.

Painting The Boat’s Headliner

The headliner in our boat was looking terrible. There was oil engine from when Gary had changed the engine oil and somehow it sprayed. There were several vanish splotches and various black marks. I’ve tried to clean it, but nothing

Halibut With Mushrooms & Capers Recipe

This recipe was inspired by a dish Gary and I ate a few years ago at a restaurant called Sea Chest in Cambria.  Several people recommended the place, and we arrived about a half hour before it opened.  There was

Channel Islands Paradise

I’ve been visiting my kids for Thanksgiving, in Utah, where I grew up.  There’s no place like home, but Utah has ceased to be my home, and now I love Oxnard and the Channel Islands.  Living in Utah in the

F Words For Friends And Followers

  How many Facebook entries have you seen that say don’t scroll by without saying amen.  You probably know it’s for just for ratings, but that Jesus connection works, and here you are.  I started my blog joysealife with fishing,

The Hardest Job I’ll Ever Love

Not every job puts you in the position to look at sunsets, watch the sea lions and whales play, enjoy a drink, listen to your favorite tunes and have the occasional heart pounding excitement of a double or triple hookup;

Fishing With Billionaires

I went fishing billionaires this last weekend, well not literally, I took along two books about billionaires.  The first was Sam Walton Made In America, a book I bought, and the other was Fifty Shades Of Grey, which was given

Love What You Do

Magic 8 Ball

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