Year: 2015

Planning Meals For Boat Camping.

 When camping or boating everyone has their style; I like to have the first day planned out and then after that it’s more go with the flow. Because the first day is usually the longest travel day (doesn’t give us

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Jesus’ Fishing Hole

10 Refrigerator Tips For Boaters

Most of these tips aren’t for people who live on a boat.  These are mostly tips for people trying to plan how to pack the fridge for a week-long outing.  There are several ways that people plan meals.  Some people

How To Catch Fish With Tady Lures

Gary and I went to a Tady Lures class held locally at a sporting goods store.  While this was a class promoting Tady, fishing with other irons would be similar.  One of the good things about attending a free class

Damage From Anchoring In Rocks

We left on Friday, late in the morning because Gary helped a friend bring his boat back from the boat yard.  A little fog as we headed out.  At one point the sky and water had almost the same greenish

Sinking Boat At Santa Cruz Memorial Day Weekend.

“Mayday, mayday, mayday,” the voice on the radio was loud and clear.  That means one thing.  They’re close by.  The boat is sinking.  They have maybe 10 minutes.  Two aboard.  They don’t know exactly where they are.  Somewhere between Blue Banks

Clean To Inspect – Boat maintenance

Your safety on the water can be dependent on your engine working.  Sure you can radio in and get help, but you don’t want to be waiting as your boat gets closer to the rocks, or goes sideways to the

Boat Docks

There’s usually good and bad to every situation.  Owning your own boat dock is like that.  Some of the good things about having a house with a boat dock is that it’s easier to maintain your boat because it’s convenient to

The Sea Captain’s Wife

We went out to Santa Cruz Island Saturday and Sunday (Mother’s Day) on a quick outing.   The fishing was slow, so I enjoyed some reading.  Several months ago Gary had been recommended the book Diary of a Sea Captain’s Wife: Tales

My Pretty Pink Avet Reel

  In 2012, after I won the CIYC women’s fishing tournament, Gary bought me a new pink Avet reel.   We have a lot of rods and it’s instantly clear to anyone on the boat which one is mine.  When